We’re in the home stretch of this school year! Your grades have reset, and the very first entry in the grade book is the second (and third, if you so choose) phase of your statistics project. Let’s get this quarter started off right!

Now that our season has come to an end, I invite you to view a summary of what we’ve accomplished in the debate team’s second year. Not only have we seen enrollment increase substantially, but the number of tournaments at which competed increased threefold, and we even took home trophies and beat high school cohorts. […]

I wanted to remind you guys to capitalize on the extension you received on your projects, which are now due¬†this Monday, March 24. Failure to submit projects on time will now result in a 20 percent deduction each day it is late. Furthermore, make sure you hold your partners accountable, since you need their data […]

We haven’t announced it in class yet, but in case you were curious, our next unit test will take place next Tuesday and Wednesday, March 11th and 12th. It’s a good chance to boost grades for those of you that struggled with the probability test, not to mention that the material this time around seems […]

For those of you seeking a higher grade on your Unit 4 tests (probability), you will be turning in your test corrections on Tuesday. They will not be accepted late unless you speak with me beforehand!

Students: This test is worth an insane number of points, so it’s in your best interest to study up tonight if you haven’t begun doing so already. All my videos are on this website, and you can always email me! Parents: Remind your kids to study, please. You can expect to be made or broken […]

Don’t forget that the final phase (and, accordingly, all relevant deliverables) are due today! While it would be preferable to turn in whatever you can today, a late project is way better than a missing project. Each late (school) day will result in a 10 percent deduction from the original grade.


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